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White plains beotch

the plains of white
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well now that we have a movie theatre and some big buildings we deserve our own community godammit

this is ur center for white plains news and w/e else u wanna post. lookin 4 a a guy for ur band start here, wanna say that ur team won the championship put it here.
or, you know, dont.

for anyone who lives here, wants to live here, used to live here, visits here, or just likes the name of our city, join us.
battle hill, being straight up gangster, brian galderisi, broadway pizza, buckout, eastview, fortunoff, fountains, frowny face empire, good counsel, happy city, highlands, hypocratical interests, jews, llamas, making fun of people, new ro, new york, not shoegang, not tvsexdeath at all, our cousin new rochelle, our cousin scarsdale, scarsdale athletic rivalry, shopping, starbucks, stop and shop, syf, that german school, the cheesecake factory, the galleria mall, the highlands, the lifsons, the pavilion, the ridge, the westchester mall, the white plains mall, turkey bowl, tvsexdeath, westchester, white plains, wildside, world inferno friendship society, wp, wphs, wpms