Steph (grrl_next_door) wrote in white_plains,

Looking for people...

If this isn't allowed, I apologize, and feel free to delete this. I saw a couple post in Toronto area communities like this one and I decided to give it a try.

I'm looking for some people. It's a long story why, and if you REALLY want to know I can tell you... but to turn a long story short, my friend died a few summers ago and I talked to his friends for a bit, then lost touch with them completely. I'd love to talk to them again, give them some things I have, and get some closure. So if you know anything about the following people and how I can get in touch with them, I'd greatly appreciate it.

(Josh Ryder, died July 11, 2002)
His younger brothers, Francis Ryder, Matthew Ryder and Sean Ryder.

His friends, Allison Tan, Angela Keaton, "Danny" (don't know the last name), Scott and Lisa (don't know last names, but they got married a few years ago young, and Scott went to military school with Josh).

(Pastor) Bryan Gadzinski.

Steph :)
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